The 60$ wonder

Now this is a product that would serve the developing countries really well ! A startup built up at $60 investment upfront. Now one wonders whats the catch and where, there is none. This post is a small intro about The Thrid Network , a content startup that has been built up on minimal investment and maximum sweat work. All the money that was spent bought domains and servers !

This startup has focused on being agile and small from the very start. From its current financial projections this startup will break even in the first month, which sound absurd but at a micro level that mean anything that you earn after that is profit for them as operational costs are very low.  This startup owns and runs popular properties like

These are consistently growing in traffic and will eventually become great advertisement platforms for the various niches that they address. It is critical to realize that it is growing on the hard work of an exceptional content team that is self-motivated / goal-oriented. The biggest investment that one can make to their startup is maximizing their time, that probably should be in the rulebook of the startup game.

Who says that one needs to invest millions to get started ! In my belief, it takes little money, but a lot of faith and work in the right direction to get started [but money helps in accelerating the growth once the fundamentals are strong].

Write to us to learn more about how you can realize your idea into reality ! We believe that being lean and mean is what makes enterprises sustainable and profitable for all the parties involved.

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