The story of a start-up

This is a story of a real time start-up whose genesis began in June 2009. I was bored with monotonous and boring work of being an advisor on tech project consulting for the government, and wanted to experiment. I had past ten years of international experience working in cross-functional roles in various domains [] , had thought of several ideas for converting into businesses, but was yet to do a formal bootstrapped start-up. It was around this time I had met a brilliant and out-of-box thinker guy who was 8 years younger than I was, already few start-ups old and we used to discuss plenty of ideas over cups of cappuccinos everyday and strategy to convert them into $$$$ earning enterprises.

After thinking & thrashing several ideas, finally what came to my mind was what I have been working on for last 4 years: GREEN!

The idea was to do green start-up and make it grow over a period of time introducing new services & products.

I met my brilliant friend Dipankar and shared the idea of making green t-shirts and apparels. D was thrilled with the idea and with his interest in pop-art, he came with the idea of putting pop-art on the tees as added value and making niche ‘green-pop’ tees. We both were thrilled with the idea and willing to go forward with it. We both decided to meet S who had a deep knowledge of pop-art, and see if S could come as a partner on the venture and take care of the design segment of the venture, which was crucial for its success.

…To be continued

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