The story of a start-up: Part II

Next day, armed with our ‘Green-Pop’ idea & never say die approach and enthusiasm, we met S at a coffee shop (CCD). We discussed the idea at length over several cups of coffee. We discussed the target market, pyramid marketing structure to set up the sales chain, sourcing design and in turn starting a pop-art movement in India, identifying and managing vendors, value addition, financial requirements. We were happy that we are on verge of creating something innovative, and with that we decided to meet the following day with some background research on various modalities.

Next day, prior to our meeting with S, we both sat over cappuccinos to discuss the idea further. D was chalking out strategy for setting up e-commerce platform with user design and innovative user experience. I was wondering about the $10K investment into the idea knowing that with economic recession, and art markets down, it was very improbably to convince any angel to invest in a pop-art start-up idea.

Even though S liked the idea and was willing to be a part of it, she was not convinced with the idea of bootstrapping and wanted a $10K investment to start with. We, poor cash strapped entrepreneurs had no access to such an amount and moreover we were keen to start a $60 enterprise and prove our point [Read]. In the end of the entire two hours meeting, we three had differing opinions about the idea. It was All-out-risk Vs Cushioned-risk. Eventually, though D & I were more with the idea, the plan to involve S came to an end. We did gain good insights through this two sessions we had with S.

To be Contd….

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