Startup DNA : Do you have it in you?

We all talk about startups and how they foster innovation. We discuss how a team comes together and creates value out of nothing giving back immense rewards to the end users and investors whenever successful. But is there a startup gene ? Are some people more tuned to starting new [and successful] venture as compared to other people. Here, we cannot provide any empirical data regarding this, but we can surely outline certain traits in any successful serial entrepreneur.

High risk appetite

One interesting example is Niki Lauda, who is one of the greatest living F1 racer. He drove F1 in an era when driver safety was not the top most priority, he went on to build 2 airlines ! This can be said about a lot of drivers who have gone on to lead very successful business careers.

Open to new ideas

Richard Branson is the easiest example here, someone who has his finger in nearly everything that you can think of ! He now runs an F1 team with uses the best of CFD technology to minimize wind tunnel testing leading to cheaper car development. Now that is someone who is willing to listen and tread where others will not dare to.

High efficiency

Time and its usage is paramount in the success of any organization, one needs to work on multiple things and yet manage to achieve optimal results in all of them. It is a challenge, which all successful entrepreneurs seem to be enabled for.


Well not everyone is Steve Jobs, compromises are made far to often than most entrepreneurs want to admit later when they succeed. Compromise is a strong word indeed, but highlights the fact that somethings like personal life or alternatively health does take a backseat when one is driven to push all limits.

These were some clear traits that came out when I have got the opportunity to work with some really smart people ! What has your experience been, do comment here.

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