Startup Jugaad #1: The A-team

I would count as a Lean startup guy ! Start cheap and iterate real quick. So to help so many fellow entrepreneurs out there, a new series of blog posts on how you can glue together your merry band of men[or women] to create something new.

This article focuses on how people network, create teams which go on to solve problems [and form startups in the process]. My first startup kwippy [a micro-blogging venture] started when I was working at slideshare, exciting times when twitter was brand new and micro-blogging had just started. My A-team was a group of slideshare guys [Lets call the other players M, K, S] who were interested in creating something new to let out all the workplace frustrations. That was how it started for me, and well we did [for sometime ;)] ! Lets outline the various ways people get together or you can get together with people who can be a part of your startup team

  • I do not have numbers, but your office place is probably the best place to recruit for you team ! Nothing validates someone more than their workplace performance ! Though you need to be careful not to rub your employers the wrong way.
  • Next in line is family, if you have talented people in your house then please go ahead and start working on it asap. Why waste time if it is all right at your doorsteps.
  • Meetups and conference, it will all come down to networking. So if the above 2 options do not seem to work, start mailing up people whom you want to work with !
  • Wait for something to happen ! I have seen this approach work as well, lets call it the destiny approach. Some people wait out their lifetimes, some get luckier before it all ends.

So now you have 4 easy ways of creating you super startup team, so now comes what you want to build. That is less of an issue if you have the right team, as ideas are cheap. So get some social capital and get that train moving !

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