Startup Speak: GREEN GOLD

Entrepreneur: Mr. Kamlesh Hotchandani

Startup: GREEN GOLD | Year Founded: 2009 | E-mail:

After 10 years of experience in service industries, my Sindhi soul still craved for a worthwhile business idea. While searching for potential businesses I came across Bamboo House India and from there the concept took off to be India’s largest supplier of green products.

Experience as a Startup was initially filled with a lot of excitement simply because you have some funds and you are settling things. My phase of excitement lasted for 4 months when I had invested all my initial money. From the 5th month onwards, dryness started to creep in and I started to look out for a low cost model of doing business. My first retail outlet had a monthly expenditure of about 12k which I managed to bring it down to 5.5k per month by relocating to a smaller place.

I also changed my business model from a retail outlet to channel development. I did this to utilize existing market resources. Building good will as a retail outlet takes time. Therefore I thought it will be best to utilize the good will of existing retailers. There were retailers interested to buy green furniture from me and in return I offered them monopoly within their local market. Now I make one dealer per Mumbai suburban station. I also promote my products through interior designers.

I must mention that entrepreneurship is a rough road. I do not recommend anyone to walk alone on it. You must a team of passionate people to drive through this road less travelled. It is easy to get de-motivated and give up. I would have done better if I had a team. Currently I am searching for freelance training jobs to financially support my business and may be my family.

 Frankly, I don’t know if I am going to survive as an entrepreneur but I will always have a satisfaction that I tried and failed, anytime better than not trying. 

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