Startup jugaadh #3 : Les miserables

All startup guys are miserable, well they ought to be. On the lines of the great agriculturists of our nation who till the land for the food we all enjoy, startup guys have a similar job to do. Take a certain input of uncertain quality and convert it into consumables for a definite mass. Its all got to do with a certain conservativeness that most successful entrepreneurs show, use very little of resources and maximize the outputs. [Well, that can also apply to colonist nations, but then that would be a different discussion all together] This of course ends up pushing the limits everything that make a human being human, the social aspect is stretched [Lesser time for friends & family] the financial aspect [Lot less money to spend],and  the brand aspect [Not working for a brand name company is considered bad in some cultures].

All in all, you basically try to be miserable making it look like something that will pay out in the longer term ! It is fair to rationalize it like that, “No pain, no gain”. This same approach is visible in Indian entrepreneurship, its called jugaadh. Lets say you have a broken cycle, in most countries with resources people will possibly reject that and buy something else. In our country, some scrap guy will pick it up refurbish it at his place and sell it for a premium. Now that is being really resourceful, it can be argued that this approach does not scale but it can be the start of something great [like airtel, hero cycles] if thought and done the right way.

The point is that we all want to enjoy the good things, but sometimes they take a back seat and you focus on one goal that may make your reality miserable but you future an interesting proposition. It is all to do with what you want to trade off in your present for your distant future. Best of luck to those who trade in this, add value to this world or you will be chucked out of this race for sure.

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