Startup jugaadh #4 : Iron man

“When one is willing and eager, the Gods join in.” – Aeschylus, Greek playwright

Willpower is something that most great organization and individuals seem to have in tremendous amounts. When things go wrong, tough decisions need to be made and followed up. Startups have their fair share of tough decisions which eventually end up defining success and gains [Both of which are different, depending upon the circumstances]. Most start ups believe that they are democratic, but it does come down to few individuals or maybe even one, who makes this decision. This group or individual forms the core and thus, can be described as the Iron core or man in such a system.

Much like the comic hero, it is to create and nurture value that such decisions are taken. Lets take a simple example to outline what is make or break, assume you got a call from some angel investor about investing money in your startup. From a couple of discussions, it emerges that you will get INR X for Y% of the company. How do you take a call on taking this investment or passing on it ? If you take variables like the recession and bootstrapping into context then it is a genuinely difficult decision to make. In a smaller group[2-5], the decision may revolve around payouts, future growth and there maybe a possibility of  looking at it democratically. In larger groups, it maybe a much more complex discussion and more often than not result in the emergence of interesting power dynamic between the founders. It is usually best to give a particular trusted individual some more powers to break deadlocks so that time is not wasted and decisions are made. Like every super hero, this individual has great responsibilities.  Indecision may actually be worse than not taking a decision sometimes, and for startups that is true more often than not.

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