4 Keys to Successful Startup Advertising

Startups usually don’t do much advertising in their early stages. Entrepreneurs either think that it will be very expensive, or they don’t get this idea at all to advertise their startups and related offerings. Advertising does have the potential to make your biz get more eyeballs and hence more business. Advertising is an integral part of your overall marketing strategy [Read http://www.stratessence.com/blog/marketing-plan-for-your-startup/]. It can be done through either or a judicious mix of search engine advertising, banner advertising, magazines, newspapers, business directories, radio ads, TV commercials, billboards, mail campaigns, flyers etc. However you need to plan well before using advertising as your tactic for your Startup.

Well planned advertising can help you achieve the following,

  • Attract new customers
  • Enhance your reputation by building credibility in the market and establishing your brand image
  • Promote your product or service and boost your sales over time

 Keys to successful Startup advertising,

  1. Research: The key step in your advertising is to research and know your audience. Whom do you want to target through your ads. Research into the demographics of your target customers. You should know this segment well and what mediums they generally use. That will cut down on your advertising costs and also will make your advertising focussed.
  2. Planning: The mantra here is creating ‘to the point’ message that you are planning to convey, and keep it simple. You have to ensure that you are not putting across confusing messages to your potential customers. Plan your advertising carefully and use the right medium.
  3. Uniqueness: If your advertising is a boring one, it will not be effective. Try to make it distinctive and visually appealing. Also, frequency of your ads will deliver better outcomes.
  4. Patience: And last but not the least, you need to have patience to see positive outcomes of your advertising. It will take time and effort before your targeted audience turns into your customers.

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