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One of the most important needs of any business is to have a efficient task tracking or project management system. Over the years, many kinds of systems have come up which help an organization track project progress, most ERP systems have a part of their system dedicated for this specific purpose. Today, we will have a look at various open source and closed source system that can be used as an project management tool for your startup !

Open source

  • Codendi – From the Xerox garage, focus on software project management.
  • Redmine – Built in rails, good tool which lets you do integrated version control and ticket tracking.
  • ProjectPier – Very generic project management tool in PHP, handles fairly complex cases.
  • Trac – Ticket tracking + wiki in python which is very effective on top of available version systems[SVN,git].
  • Project HQ – Another smart PHP collaborative tool !
  • Collabtive – A basecamp clone !
  • eGroupWare – A fairly interesting open source ERP attempt, also lets you mange projects
  • KForge – A KDE based collaboration tool.
  • OpenGoo
  • ClockingIT

Recommendation !

For people who use Rails, Redmine is a really useful ticket tracking and collaboration tool. If you are the PHP guy thne you can surely try out project pier ! In any given situation, it is important to remember that you need the right tool for the problem … given the options above you will be able to locate a relevant open source solution.

Closed source / SaaS

  • Assembla – A very cool collaborative tool, it is also used by oDesk to manage projects.
  • Basecamp – Set of disconnected tools which allows effective communication in any project. Useful for remote teams.
  • Central desktop – Desktop based collaboration tool.
  • JIRA – Very comprehensive tracking application ! Must try.
  • FogBugz – Detailed time-based project tracking, very applicable to software service companies
  • Microsoft Project – From Microsoft, its been around the longest !
Recommendation !
Again, it is all down to what you can pay ! In terms of a generic project management tool, basecamp does a pretty decent job. If you are the coder shop, Fogbugz should be considered. It is an extremely well-designed and usable piece of collaboration software. It allows you to track a lot of things like time and project velocity.
If you want to have a look at more such products ! Do check out the list at wikipedia which is comprehensive.

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