Build a Winning Team for Startup Success

A start-up’s success depends on its human capital. It’s not the numbers but the quality of your team that defines the growth path. The team members should be able to handle multiple functions, wear multiple hats, and deliver under pressure. Their skill-sets should compliment yours. Even if you are a one person Startup, you still need a lean management team with whom you can share some of the ‘hats’ for better performance of your Startup. It’s OK if you can’t afford a full time team. You can avail part-time services of domain experts while focussing your energies on key business operations. The areas/domains that you need a team for are: Accounting, Manufacturing, Sales & Business Development, customer service, and may be industry experts if you are not. You need to outline descriptions based on your Startup needs on different domain/functions and search for resources accordingly. Initially you don’t need a huge team, each heading one of the functions, but an optimum mix of people who can cover all the functions within themselves as a collective team, each complimenting the other. And therefore, it requires time, efforts and careful selection to set-up such a winning team. 

Outline skills and experience required for filling the team positions. By doing this exercise, you can actually further strengthen your B-plan and strategy. Also for a set of people to come together and work as a team, it’s of paramount importance that they share common visions and goals. Ineffective teams can be dangerous for the health of the startup. Asymmetrical teams often leads to start-up’s failure. Choose your team wisely. 

Remember, that your team composition is the differentiator among loads of business ideas, if you are looking for investment funding. If you are Startup is at idea or planning stage, you should involve your team in strategy building exercises. Use the collective talent pool of your team to create a winning Startup!

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