We come up with scores of ideas while brainstorming and discussing philosophy of life, universe and everything, over mugs of coffee. The ideas that has passed the mercurial test and has reached some levels of development are listed here. Through STRATLab, our goal is to pro­duce action­able and innovative ideas and inspi­ra­tion that help other aspiring entrepreneurs to build great companies.

We are interested in collaboration and are open to discuss potential opportunities.


RENOIP aspires to become an open platform for the promotion of innovation in renewable energy and preferred purchasing for enterprises in the fields of renewable energy, with a view to helping enterprises to improve faster and better. The aim is to support all forms of innovation, improve competence, build a robust knowledge repository, and promote entrepreneurship in the field of renewable energy, focusing on tackling the great societal challenges of today for sustainable tomorrow.

Status: Beta Development Stage/ Seeking angel investment


GreenBox aspires to become a green brand with several innovative products for Greentech and promoting sustainability.

Status: Idea stage


One of India’s coolest content network with sites like IPL tracker (, India stand (, The ad tube ( The Thrid Network believes in opening up channels for niche audiences, and are working towards the creation of a content market place [one of India’s first]. “Content is king” is it’s motto and very visibly it’s focus for years to come.

Status: First year of Operations. Seeking funding/collaboration


WordIt! is a pioneering educational product with it’s core focus on vocabulary learning for test takers – SAT, GRE, GMAT. Our distinguishing feature is the use of high quality graphic illustrations to explain the meaning of words in a visual manner that not only makes learning fun but also helps in easier retention. It has been designed and developed by a team consisting of technologists, test prep coaches and language experts, who have more than three decades of cumulative experience in designing content for the test prep market.

Status: Beta Development stage. Seeking Angel investment.